Air Rifle User Guide

Alaska huntingThis article will give you an idea on how to use an air rifle when hunting. If you just got an air rifle and don’t know everything about using it yet, you will be able to find out more in this article. Use the tips mentioned here to get started and learn the basics in using an air rifle for hunting (another good resource).

Accuracy is important

When holding an air rifle, you need to make sure that you are getting a good grip and the angle of your arms should be correct for a better aim. Allow the weight of the air rifle rest on your off hand and avoid fully grasping the stock using your fingers. Also, your forearm should be rested on the palm of your hand that is open.

When you are getting ready to shoot

The butt pad of your rifle should only be touching your shoulder and do not put the butt pad of your rifle on your shoulder. Do not grip the pistol heavily, but to it as light as you can. Your cheek should only be touching the stock’s comb while trying to rest your forearm on the same place and always keep your cheek on the same place where the comb is.

This way of holding will allow the rifle to recoil as it needs to because you will not get in the way and it will be able to shoot more accurately.

Safe holding

Hold your rifle lightly allowing the recoil to go normally and also the vibration from one shot to the next. If you have a spring air rifle, allow the spring loaded piston to move until it has stopped with a slam and releasing the pellet. Wait for it to stop vibrating before holding it again.

After the recoil, the rifle also has other small vibration after it has fired a shot. The type of hold that has been described here will allow the air rifle to fully have its recoil and vibrations until it is ready for the next shot. Every time the pellet releases from the muzzle, it is on the same point as the recoil cycle. Check more about best air pistols here.

Holding the gun lightly, will be more accurate for shooting a target because you are not limiting its movements and your hard grip will not get in the way.

The important thing is to know how to point, aim, and shoot accurately. No matter how good or expensive your gun is, if you do not know how to hold it will, you will not take down a target. Practice makes perfect and it might be straining to both arms at first because you are not using your shoulders for more support, but if you get used to this method, your target shooting will be flawless. Hunting is one of the most popular activities that people love to do for fun because it is challenging and exciting. Knowing how to shoot an air rifle correctly will give you an advantage over the others who have been doing it wrong all along.

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