How to Elevate your Game with some Deer Hunting Tips and Tricks

Alright, it is a cliché, but a hunter’s traditional trophies are those antlers that hang on the walls, fur prominently spread on the floor or animals preserved by taxidermy that stand in a corner. Despite the moral/ethical and ecological issues that hover hunting, it is a reality that it can’t be stopped. At best, regulation by licensing, declaring “open” and “close” seasons, and taxing the hunting gears and catches are useful impositions. In fact, hunters continue to aspire for a better catch; this they can do with some valuable deer hunting tips and tricks.

There are indeed many deer hunting tips and tricks that you would care to know. Each of these tips can help improve your game, but for beginners or those who frequently come home empty handed, some basic tips are most important. So buckle up and read on:

  1. Get the most basic deer hunting gear.

It is most important to travel light; so choose your gear well. Bringing with you unnecessary gears can be cumbersome. So, choose gears that are most basic, useful and most appropriate, such as hunting knives, tend, trail camera, etc.. Make sure that these are of good quality and suitable to the conditions of the woods you are planning to go. You do not want a handgun or rifle failing in the middle of the encounter. If you expect rain in the woods you are going to need a stainless steel gun or rifle.

  1. Be ready for the kill by knowing your stuff.

A hunter kills his prey by shooting a gun (or using a bow). Know what guns are suitable for you and your budget. Beginners can opt to buy the inexpensive kinds, but one must save up and upgrade one’s basic equipment that suits one’s need. Different handguns and rifles have different uses, thus hunters are known to keep a collection of these.deer

Hunters also need to practice shooting in order to improve one’s aiming or targeting skills. It is even better if one practices with the usual clothing that one uses when hunting to get a feel of the real bulk. This will make you feel comfortable when the big day comes and a really exciting live deer for a target comes along.

  1. Take time to know your woods and the ecology of deer.

Despite your best preparations, efforts will be futile if you will hunt at the wrong time of the year or at the wrong spots. Doing a little research and some scouting pays. Learning about deer niches, habitats, food preferences, breeding and social habits will point you the spots they frequent. With your binoculars, choose your spot preferably on a hilltop where you have a command of a wide expanse of view. Let your targets move without any inkling that you are watching while lying in wait at a time when the targets least suspect your intrusion which is about at dawn or dusk. Know where everything else – the deer bed, feed and their watering hole. Knowing where the deer regularly come is important. You may spend a god deal of time waiting for a target that will never show up if you don’t know where they are.

  1. Smell like nature

Animals have a strong sense of smell; deer would know when human intruders are around. This will drive them away or steer clear of their usual hideaways. Thus, among the most important deer hunting tips and tricks is to keep your clothes and yourself smelling like nature when you go hunting. That means no perfumes or eau de cologne, no aftershave, and no fabric conditioner on your clothes. What about wrapping your clothes in a plastic garbage bag with some pine needles and dirt?

Do you want more ‘trophies” out of your hobby? Then it is time to elevate your game with some deer hunting tips and tricks.

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