What is the Best Crossbow in 2015?

In ever product in the market, there is always a list for the best one. Some say that the best one will depend on what your needs are. But if you are looking at speed, durability, weight, accuracy, and ability to focus, there is certainly a product that creates a benchmark for all of those factors.

The best crossbow in 2015

Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow 

Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow This is the best crossbow in 2015  because it is light weight, fast, accurate, and durable. The fps of this crossbow is 365 fps with a draw weight of 185 lbs. and it is only 7.9 lbs. It comes with a premium illuminated scope, 3 arrows, quiver, and a rope cocking device. It is also very easy to assemble because all you need to do is attach the limb to the body and it is already pre-stung. This can be used by either a left-handed or a right-handed person.

The animal will also have no chance of escaping because this crossbow shoots silently and extremely fast. A moving target has no chance of surviving when you are using this one due to its magnification abilities. The power stroke is 13-3/8” and arrow length is 19.875. If you want something different you can find more crossbow reviews over at the Archers Crossbow.

When you are out hunting and have found tour spot, putting together this crossbow takes only 6 minutes and it will not give away your spot because it is very silent. With the weight of only 7.9 lbs. your arms and shoulders will not hurt even after a long day of hunting.

This is perfect for any serious hunting person who likes to take down a big animal. The cables also don’t wear out easily even after shooting a total of 100 rounds. The finish of this crossbow is very attractive and the scope is 3×32.

The customer service of this company is excellent because they answer quickly when you have additional questions and they are very accommodating to customers especially to someone who is not an expert in crossbows. If you need replacements in case the item was not shipped properly, they are very happy to assist you.

This item is priced at $607.00 which is priced better to other crossbows with the same features. It is reasonable and you will not have to be very concerned about spending a lot.

If you are going to kill elk, deer, and other big animals, this will be perfect for you because already comes pre-stung even if the deer is running, its fats 365 fps will be able to shoot it down. The scope is also very easy to use so you won’t go home without a kill allowing you to see the distance of your target and where to clearly hit it. You can read more crossbow reviews here.

This is the best crossbow of 2015 and it has received nothing but great reviews from the customers who bought it. This crossbow is for serious game hunters, competition participants and experts. Practice with this one all day and you won’t have a problem because its weight won’t be a big concern for you.

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